February 23, 2010

Current Projects

I just wanted to provide a status of what I'm working on and apologize for missing last few weeks worth of posts, there is a great post in the works based on an interview with Chip Garner; so stay tuned for that.

My current projects:
1) I'm sanding the wings of my Libelle, fixing some poor repairs previously done, sealing aileron gaps, sealing aileron root holes, improving spoiler fit, replacing all spoiler springs, making tip wheel fairings, improving the canopy seal, fixing some fuselage scratches, adding tabulator tape to the rudder, making a tail skid, fixing some trailer issues, and making some improvements to the cockpit to increase comfort.

2) Developing a detailed simulation of an ASW-20 to evaluate different digital vario filtering schemes.

3) Planning for the upcoming season's contests - US Sports Class Nationals, Avenal season opener

And there are always a million other things on the back burner. In an upcoming post I will detail all the mods I made to my Libelle, and talk about the season goal sheet I'm developing for myself.

Keep soaring,

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